Monday, January 6, 2014

I'm taking my own snow day

I expected to wake up this morning and find myself snowed in. Mr. Limefreckle insisted that it was going to be a snow day. I woke up to the sound of the snowblower, and turned on the TV expecting to see all the schools closed. Nothing came up regarding school closures, but there were plenty of accidents out on the roads in the GTA. I texted Limefreckle Jr's teacher (one of the great benefits of attending a private school...the teachers happily hand out their cell phone numbers!) and found out that the school was in fact, open. But I decided to take a snow day anyway. The highway that I typically take was apparently ice covered with several accidents, and I just didn't feel like braving that today. So I rolled over and went back to sleep. Limefreckle Jr., who has not got out of bed before 10 since the holidays began, was up and at 'em, just like I used to be when I found out I was having a snow point wasting the day in bed, there's lots of playing to be done! I do have to make a quick trip to the post office to mail a couple of recent orders I received over the weekend, but otherwise the day is all mine. Not that I couldn't have just come home after school drop off and done whatever I wanted, but there is something about not having to head out that makes the day special.

Since Limefreckle Jr. started at this school, I've had to drive him.  We lived about an hour away for the first couple of years, so I would just stay local to the school, go to the gym, have lunch with friends, shop, whatever I could find to pass the time, rather than drive all the way home.  Now we live about 1/2 hour away, still longer than I would like, but a lot easier to come home during the day if I want to.  I see mom's in my neighbourhood saying goodbye to their kids at the door, and can't imagine what that would be like.  Even when we were in the public system, the bus didn't work for Limefreckle Jr. I still had to drive him and pick him up everyday.

So I have the day stretched ahead of me, what to do, what to do.  I had intended to do some product photography during the holidays, and didn't get anything done, so for sure I will do a bit of that.  I will catch up on the season premiere of Downton Abbey, which I have PVR'd.  I will pop out to the post office, to deliver my orders And I will enjoy this one extra day of holidays, courtesy of Mother Nature! 

In other news, we finally had our Christmas celebration this weekend with Mr. Limefreckle's side of the family --- we had some delays, Sunday we were finally all available to gather at our place, have brunch, and watch the premiere of Limefreckle Jr's latest movie, starring his cousins.  He's been working on this project for a few months, and was so excited to finally have everyone together to watch it.  He came downstairs in this ridiculous pirate hat that his grandparents bought for him at the Stupid Factory at Broadway on the Beach in Myrtle Beach (Limefreckle Jr's. favourite store, and favourite area in Myrtle Beach. )  Limefreckle Jr. likes nothing more than a good hat....and for some reason, it occurred to him that this would complete his ensemble for premier day! 

His Nana had prepared a trophy for him, and presented it to him after the movie finished.  He was so proud of himself, took several bows and encouraged his castmates to join him for pictures.  It was priceless!  This hobby of his has helped him to grow so much,  I do think it is true, that when you help a child with autism find his niche, there is no telling what he can make of it!  We all look forward to his next project, he will begin production soon.

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Loveandcrayons said...

I love it that you made your own snow day!! So perfect!
I wish we got more snow than we do, so we could have snow days!!
Did you get your photos done?
It's awesome your family embraces Jr's movies! So cute of his grandma to have given him a trophy!! One day he will be a star!
Happy new year to you all!