Monday, October 7, 2013

What about Bob?

Don't you love that movie? Bill Murray is still one of the funniest people to come out of Saturday Night Live.....every season, not just the originals.... But I'm not really talking about his movie....I'm talking about my NEW BOB!! My long hair was starting to get boring, and was DRIVING ME CRAZY at yoga when I had to blow dry, and blow dry, and blow dry, just to put it back into a clip because I was too hot to stand in front of the mirror any longer and style Thursday I went to my stylist and said "I know that for the past 4 years that I've been coming here, it's been all about growing my hair, but now it's time to cut it" And this is the result...

I curled it over the weekend, and I love it even more, but didn't get anyone to take a picture of me, so will have to save that for another day.  It feels so much better, and is so much easier to style after yoga!  I had to make sure it was still long enough to put into a clip otherwise yoga would be way to hot and I'd have to revert to an even shorter cut, which I still may do one day, who knows.  It felt a little sad to let go of my long hair, but I do feel this is a lot easier to handle...and when long hair becomes too frizzy, and all you ever do is wear it up, well then really, what's the point?
The weekend was fantastic, Friday night I went out for dinner with an old friend I haven't seen in at least 4 or 5 years.  You know that a person is a true friend when you get together and start talking like you just saw each other last week.  We sat in a nearby restaurant talking non stop for 4 hours, then suddenly she said "what time is it?" and I looked at my watch (yes, I'm over 40.....over 40 people still look at their watch....younger people look at their phone) and realized it was midnight.  We looked around the restaurant and we were the only people there, the staff was cleaning up, and I think maybe they were closed!   It was sooooo good to catch up, and we promised not to let so many years go by the next time!
Saturday Mr. Limefreckle golfed in a golf tournament that he and his friends held in honour of their buddy who died far too young  (over 20 years ago....he died shortly before Mr. Limefreckle and I met).  It was another night of catching up with people that I haven't seen in a long time, and another late night for me.   I'm in bed by 10 most nights, so these late nights took their toll!  Sunday was "nap day".  I crashed on the couch upstairs, Mr. Limefreckle and Jr. went downstairs to watch a movie.  Limefreckle Jr. came upstairs and said to me "he's sleeping like a baby...."  It was nice to see my husband just relax for a change....he's normally at work every Sunday, so I was glad to see him take a day off and do nothing!  His type A personality doesn't usually allow him to do that, but a body needs to just be still once in a while!!!
So back to routine's a grey, rainy day, my favourite day to go to hot yoga!  Then I've promised myself I'm going to get some product shots of my jewelry so that I can list some more of my leather wrap bracelets in my shop!
Happy Monday everyone!
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Kelly said...

Love the hair! I'm glad you had such a fun weekend :)

Loveandcrayons said...

I love friendships like that! So glad you had a nice weekend, and got a nap in!!
I'm in love with the hair!!! Way to go!!