Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I woke up this morning and summer was over!

I can't believe that it's time to go back to school! I swear this was the shortest summer on record! We seemed to be soooo busy all summer, I think I need a vacation from this vacation!  It was a summer filled with swimming, eating, summer camp (Limefreckle Jr. went for what was supposed to be just a one week, half day program, and ended up spending the rest of the summer there - mornings only) and even though it wasn't the best summer on record, weather wise, it was jam packed with activities.  Limefreckle Jr. also took sailing lessons, and enjoyed himself very much....

This weekend we headed up North to my parents once again, for a family wedding.  This is the first wedding Limefreckle Jr. attended.  I was very nervous about it all summer, originally I wasn't even planning on bringing him, because I just couldn't picture him sitting still through the whole ceremony and dinner, speeches etc. 

Turns out, like many things with Limefreckle Jr. lately, I had absolutely NOTHING to worry about!!  The two biggest obstacles I had with him were:

1) what was he going to wear.  This is a boy that will NOT wear zippered pants, only shorts and sweat pants, and ONLY t-shirts, a collared golf shirt is a challenge for him.  He is SO sensitive to how clothes feel on him.

2)  What will he eat?  French fries are pretty much the ONLY thing he will ever order when we go out to dinner -- not usually on the menu at most wedding venues!

Well it turned out, French fries WERE on the menu, the bride arranged for him to have a double order (and they actually even came and gave him a refill).  And as far as his outfit, the bride also made us so comfortable, she told us if he wanted to wear shorts and a t shirt, that was completely fine with her.

I posted about this worry earlier in the summer, and a commenter suggested I buy chinos at Lands End, they have them in his size, with an  elastic waist kind of like sweats....he balked a bit, but he wore them.  I ordered a collared golf shirt, but at the last minute my cousin found him a "tuxedo" t shirt and that just seemed to be the PERFECT thing for him and his personality!!

with the junior bridesmaids, all nieces of the bride, and although not related to us by blood, they are our family....When Limefreckle Jr. heard they were all going to be at the wedding, he insisted he needed to go, he loves these girls!
And the venue of the wedding couldn't have been a more perfect place to hold a wedding with kids.  It was in a bushplane museum, planes were all around us, and the kids were free to explore the whole building as they pleased!  They ran around the place all night long, until the dancing started, and then they were all on the dance floor.  Speeches were short and sweet, he sat through those with no trouble at all.  I don't know why I worry about him so much, he has grown up SO much, and sometimes I seem to forget that his troublesome meltdown years are behind us for the most part.  I'm so glad that I didn't let my anxieties about the occasion hold us back from having him join us in such an important family event.   A good time was had by all, and it was a wonderful way to end off the summer!

the venue. The huge hanger doors were open all night to the nearby lake, it was GORGEOUS!!
with the beautiful bride...
my handsome son!


my feet in my gorgeous sparkly silver shoes, that were comfortable, but by this point of the night, in the car on the way home, they were ready for some soaking!  Limefreckle Jr. and I danced the night away!  Mr. Limefreckle can usually be dragged out on the floor for a slow dance or two, but Jr. was out there all night long, dancing with everyone! 


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