Saturday, December 5, 2009

Many, many months ago Saucy posted a tutorial on her blog about shrink art, and how to do it....back then I purchased the supplies, was all gung ho to get cracking and make me some shrink art, and then I promptly put it away and forgot all about it.  Last week my friend asked me to make some purse charms as gifts for her daughter's friend's who were all gathering to see "New Moon" for her birthday -- and I thought "hey, where did I put that shrinky stuff?"  So I went to Saucy's site, read these instructions, and presto....this is what I came up with:

They were so much fun to make, and so easy......As soon as Christmas is over I'm going to start experimenting a little more with shrink friend wants a purse charm with pics of her kids - anyone have any other ideas?

So anyway, of course I too went to see the movie, because secretly I'm a 15 year old girl, and LOVE the Twilight, I have 2 good friends that have teenage girls...and because I don't get to have a girl, I love to go and live vicariously through my friends.  At the party, the girls were all commenting on what "team" they were on....these particular girls were ALL team Jacob.  They asked me whose team I was on, and I said "Team Carlyle"......they all looked at me like I had 3 heads!  "EEEEWWWWWW....he's so old!!"  was the shocked reply!  Well I think there is nothing wrong with setting your sights on a doctor, instead of some brooding teenager still in highschool....but hey, that's just me!!

The movie was good.....I'm pretty sure the entire theatre was filled with Team Jacob members, as they weren't all that impressed when Edward appeared shirtless -- but Jacob brought out a lot of swoons from the audience.  All in all I thought the movie was good, and of course anxiously await the next segment.


Saucy said...

You are so right... it is totally addictive! You'll start to think of things all the time to shrink up... check out the shrink art groups on Flickr and do a shrink art search in Etsy...

Your Twilight goodies are amazing! You did it juuuust right :)