Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday's Fabulous finds

I haven't had much of a chance to cruise my usual blogs this week, been busy, so instead of linking you to blogs with ideas I have found, I've come up with another little treat. I found both of these yesterday while shopping at one of my all time favourite stores SEPHORA. I could spend HOURS combing the aisles, smelling fragrances, etc.

I originally planned just to pop in and replenish my stock of Mineral Veil from Bare Essensuals - I bought the starter kit at Sephora awhile back, and really like this line, you can really create a clean, non makeup but smooth faced look (if that makes any sense) with this, if you haven't tried mineral makeup, I suggest you give it a try.

I've ran out of the Mineral Veil which comes in this kit, I use it with the other mineral makeup, or over foundation, or tinted foundation, it is a wonderful powder that I highly recommend. The ONLY complaint I have about these powders, is they are messy, and I often end up with so much of it all over my bathroom counter and sink -- probably that's why I've run out of the mineral veil so quickly.

But then, there was the SMASHBOX stand, looking all fancy, and their new mineral powder, Halo, was just begging me to come over and have a peek:

This powder wouldn't require 2 steps, like the Bare Essensuals, and my girlfriend felt it was doing a great job of covering up my rosecea, so I bought it. It has a "razor" type thing in it that shaves of the powder for use as you use it....hopefully that will result in less waste, and less mess in my bathroom for me.

Then I had to go stock up on some new perfume that I am in LOVE with:

They have several perfumes named grace, each different, this is my favourite. I bought a small body spray awhile back, because usually I find perfume to be a bit overwhelming sometimes, but the spray was too light. This time I bought a kit containing body wash, lotion and perfume. I have loved Philosophy's body washes for a long time now....give them a try if you haven't already, they will not disappoint!