Friday, March 27, 2009

Are you a narcissist?

Dr. Drew wrote a book recently, and has a quiz to take to determine if you are a narcissist. The average population scores a 15.3, celebs score 17.8 -- I scored a 20!!!! I need to sit down and review it, and figure out if the points I scored on indicate vanity, exploitiveness, entitlement, exhibitionism (bad things) or authority, self sufficiency, superiority (better things). In my oh so humble opinion, Mr. Limefreckle, the workaholic, is the narcissist around here (and don't think I won't be quizzing him to find out what he scores...)

What are you? Click here to find out, and post a comment!



Anonymous said...

Interesting...I scored a 9...No vanity or exhibitionism, mostly self sufficiency and superiority.