Sunday, February 8, 2009

learning in creative ways

Limefreckle Jr. has not wanted to do anything even remotely related to school work, since about the second week of September. He would announce frequently that he "doesn't know how to do math, doesn't know how to read, to write, etc." It's been incredibly frustrating, that was one of the main reasons that Mr. Limefreckle and I chose to take him out of the public school system, and find a private school for him -- because we could just see his skill set slipping away, and the constant fight with the school and the school board to get him the help that he needs resulted in bad feelings and lots of frustration, but we didn't get closer to helping Limefreckle Jr. fit in. I often remark that if the board and the school spent as much time trying to find help for these kids, as they do trying to get rid of these kids, everyone would be so much happier!

Anyway, so it's been one week at the new private school. Life has done a 180 degree turn here at Limefreckle Lane, everyone is relaxed, everyone is happy, Mom is sleeping straight through the night for the first time since summer -- and surprisingly, Limefreckle Jr. wants to learn again ---

I was sitting in my studio, checking email etc., and he came in and helped him self to some knitting needles. Then, periodically, he would come in and ask me questions like "how do you make an uppercase G?" - I would show him in the air, and off he would go. He came to collect Mr. Limefreckle and me, to show us his work of art -- the alphabet, in it's entirety, "written" on the carpet, using the knitting needles. Now you have to know Limefreckle Jr. to know how great this is....writing is not his strong suit.....he can barely hold a pencil and really struggles with it ---- but apparently writing with knitting needles on the carpet is a little bit easier!! I KNEW that spending a little extra for the really plush carpet was a good idea!


Xazmin said...

Glad to hear things are turning around for you. It's amazing what the right style of learning can do for a child who has difficulty learning in traditional ways. It's why I became involved with the charter school movement.